Parker County Transportation

Learn more about the newly adopted Parker County Thoroughfare Plan


Parker County voters have given their approval on a $76.2 million bond issue to fund transportation projects across the county: new highways, wider roads, realigned intersections and improved stormwater drainage.

Parker County Commissioners and County staff have spent the past year listening to the input of residents and businesses to identify your transportation needs. They have selected these 19 projects with the goals of improving safety, reducing congestion and providing more convenient connections. These efforts follow the success of the 2008 Transportation Bond Program, which resulted in more than 25 completed projects.

As we drive forward on improving our transportation infrastructure, we invite you to learn more about the proposed projects by exploring this website. Please begin by selecting a precinct in the map at right or for information on the East Loop refer to the following links.

Parker Count West/East Loop: Parker County Loop

Conceptual East Loop Alignment: East Loop Alignment

Google Earth Map of Conceptual East Loop Alignment: Google Earth Map

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parker county map


Precinct 1

George A. Conley
Precinct 1 Commissioner
Ph. 817-220-7218

Precinct 2

Craig Peacock
Precinct 2 Commissioner
Ph. 817-594-4022

Precinct 3

Larry Walden
Precinct 3 Commissioner
Ph. 817-594-0371

Precinct 4

Steve Dugan
Precinct 4 Commissioner
Ph. 817-596-0004